Audax Labs brings the power and ease of 3D builder technology to furniture design. We enable designers and manufacturers to convert their designs to realistic prototypes. The Audax Labs 3D Builders assures accuracy, reduced iterations, lesser production cost and, ultimately, more productivity.

Your 3D model created using our Builder is scalable and compatible with multiple environments. As a designer or manufacturer, you can use it everywhere —
integrated into AR/VR/XR/MR environments, on eCommerce stores, as a part of product configurators, and even on the Metaverse!

BUILD PRODUCTS IN 3DWitness your process and products in Realtime 3D, making the build fun and easy
SIMPLE, STEP-BY-STEP FLOWIntuitive building flow enables you to make 3D models with ease and flexibility.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUILDIn-built Configurator allows you to change settings, such as lights, shadows, material, and so on during and after the initial build.
CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITYExperience the ease of converting your concepts to seamless high or low poly 3D models that can be integrated into any 3D tool, configurator or product — even the Metaverse!

The Audax Labs Advantage

Visualize your designs without material wastage and physical mockups. Save time, money, effort, and resources while creating high-quality 3D design experiences.


Lower Resource Allocation


Instant generation of Bill of Materials (BOM)


Fast, Seamless, and Accurate


Easy-to-use Interface


Scalable and Future-Proof

Experience the 3D Builder

3D Technology and Audax Labs

We enable our partners build efficient and scalable models with diverse applications and capabilities across Industries and Sectors



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