Why the Document Engine?

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Systems market is projected to reach $26.96 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.3% 2030, according to Verified Market Research.

The Audax Labs Document Engine enables our partners realize their goals in the growing ecosystem. The OCR Engine uses the latest in technology to extract and convert images from a multitude of input file formats—PDF, JPG, PNG, Doc, etc.—into usable output files containing the text.

Benefits of the OCR Engine


Achieve higher productivity by facilitating faster searches to extract the relevant data, enabling teams to focus on core competencies.


Cut down on operational costs such as printing, copying, shipping charges, hiring manpower for data extraction, etc., with automation.


Mitigate manual data entry errors that lead to enterprise data loss and inaccuracies due to the human element with the latest in OCR technology.


Experience efficient cataloguing and indexing of documents by reducing the storage space and logistics required for physical file storage in organizations.


The output text file from the Audax Labs Document Engine is synced to cloud storage and made readily available for reuse right away.


The OCR technique enables easy and effortless management of data in secure and confidential documents, including an option for automation.

Features of the OCR Engine

GAMUT OF RECOGNITION TECHOffers extremely accurate recognition of machine-printed text (OCR) and hand-printed text (ICR). In addition, it provides recognition of barcodes (OBR).
RAPID PROCESSINGUsing multi-core CPUs and processing images in parallel on multiple threads, the OCR processing steps can be performed significantly faster.
EFFICIENT PROCESSINGEnables efficient document conversion from images to searchable TEXT/XML formats, providing the capability for faster searches and indexing.
COMPATIBILITY & SUPPORTDeploy on-premises, in virtual environments, or on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services with diverse compatibility.
POWERED BY AI & MLRobust AI and ML with other technologies detect the logical structure of a document and it can further be used to make smart decisions.
ADVANCED IMAGE PRE-PROCESSINGImage correction steps such as de-skewing, rotation, distortion correction, text line straightening, page splitting, adaptive binarization, ISO noise reduction, etc., deliver best OCR results.

Example Workflow

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