Enhance your client’s buying experience with Augmently, our AR-solution that helps you sell faster.

Augmently improves efficiency by providing a complete, end-to-end solution that brings augmented reality powers to the value chain. It essentially ties the technical and business functions of your organization through a next-generation platform.

The Power of Augmently

Augmently lets your sales teams showcase furniture in augmented reality—allowing them to access and present limitless product combinations in real time, in the client’s own space.

  • Showcase Furniture and Appliances in AR
  • Realtime Limitless Product Combinations
  • Experience Products in Client Spaces
  • Interactive Sales Experience
  • Track User Engagement for Sales Analytics
  • Fabric Options, Materials, Color Combinations
  • Avoid Mockup and Product Sample Costs
  • Reduce Asset Efforts and Product Return Costs


AR EXPERTISEHigh-Quality Augmented Reality experience across mobile devices (iOS and Android OS)
3D CONTENTAR-compatible 3D content creation and/or rendering from existing file formats
BACK-END INTEGRATIONBack-end integration with internal applications and IT systems such as Databases, eCommerce engines and CRMs
OPERATIONS, MAINTENANCE, and SUPPORTContinuous and ongoing technical support, application maintenance, and optimization


IMPROVE SALESAugmently bolsters your sales by giving your prospects the ability to make informed and accurate decisions. Sales team can track engagement analytics, helping you to invest in the right products and maximize sales.
ENABLE TRACKING AND ANALYTICSTrack user engagement through the client’s buying journey, and feed actionable insights to your design and manufacturing teams to help them understand which products engage buyers the most.
ENHANCE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENTCustomers get a new and memorable buying experience. Augmently offers a rich and intuitive user experience, saves time for buyers, and lets them try products before they buy, minimizing the chances of returns.
POWER OF VISUALIZATIONAugmently empowers your sales teams in new and powerful ways. Using AR, sales reps can help their clients to visualize furniture in their own space—eliminating guess work and adding confidence in the purchasing cycle.
FLUID MOBILITYAugmently is available on iOS and Android OS across smartphones, iPads and tablets. Sales teams can carry your entire catalog with them anywhere with access to limitless products and options at their fingertips.
CLOUD FEATURESAll your data is secured in the cloud. Store, manage and share your content from anywhere, anytime. It gives you scalability, availability, and enhanced security.

Transforming 3D Showcasing and Sales

Experience best-in-class cloud-enabled building capabilities powered by Augmented Reality


Kitchen cabinets


Meeting pods

Kitchen appliances

Carpets and rugs

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