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Overcome Data Challenges with Actionable Insights

Hyper Intelligent Data Operations

Hyper Intelligent Data Operations or HIDO is a revolutionary enterprise data management system built on top of, and works with, Hitachi Content Intelligence. HIDO helps organizations overcome their data challenges and is a smart way to get better insights from their data.

HIDO enables future-forward enterprises to:

  • Get visibility into enterprise data – including cost of storage across data stores
  • Connect to a variety of data sources and analyze datasets
  • Intelligently manage large dataset transfers

Tackle Enterprise Data Challenges

Data is the current biggest currency that is driving the global economy. IDC research places the estimated new data generated by 2025 to be a staggering 175 zettabytes.

As the world of business becomes increasingly data-focused, organizations are continuously assessing and adopting new technologies and information management practices. As the IT landscape evolves, it gets even more difficult to ensure that the right data is at the right place, at the right time.

Data is constantly being generated through diverse platforms and the source of data for any organization is no longer exclusive to traditional applications. Implementing strategies to manage data and drive business requirements is a challenging task and often there are no fixed remedies to handle data related issues.

Some common challenges which enterprises face today are:

Industries served

Data Insights – ROT analysis dashboard

Organizational data is growing at a rapid pace of around 40-60% each year forcing organizations to invest in additional storage capacity. But as capacity is expanded, Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial user data is clogging corporate networks resulting in unnecessary risk and expense.

Due to the constraints in IT budget organizations are often challenged to meet this additional demand on resources.

HIDO ROT Analysis dashboard helps organizations by providing a consolidated view of their existing data landscape. This dashboard helps IT teams to take informed decisions to optimize their existing storage.

Data Insights – PII Discovery

Organizations are constantly creating, storing, and managing data that could be classified as sensitive information or PII. PII is any data that can be used to identify an individual like personal identity, bank details, email, phone number, or insurance details.

This creates a liability to fines, penalties, and breaches that are associated with several industries.

HIDO PII discovery helps organizations in identifying and locating sensitive data to assist IT teams in protecting or removing any pieces of compromising information.

Migration Factory

Migration Factory allows to connect with various data sources like SharePoint, IBM CMOD, NAS, CIFS, OpenText, ZL etc and perform intelligent data transfer to HCP or other target locations.

Besides standard connectors, other custom connectors can be developed based on business requirements.

HIDO Architecture


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