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The Need for Application Modernization

Champion your Enterprise Journey to the Future

  • Eliminate unsupported underlying systems
  • Mitigate high security and fraud risks
  • Reduce rising cost of maintenance
  • Avoid complexity and non-scalability hurdles
  • Iron out interface and experience issues

Streamlined Assessment and Planning

We at Audax Labs strive to have an accurate understanding of our partners’ legacy systems,
enabling us to develop the business case around renewing existing applications.

Experience the Full Power of the Cloud with Migration and Optimization

Enhance your application’s functionality and integrate it into maintenance-friendly scalable framework.

Seamless Application Migration

Google CloudCollaborating closely with Google Cloud, Audax Labs empowers organizations to embrace evolution, drive innovation, and navigate economic shifts seamlessly. Together, we pave the way for businesses to reinvent their models, ensuring resilience and fostering growth in a dynamic world.
MicrosoftAt Audax Labs, we collaborate closely with Microsoft to unlock the full potential of cloud technologies for businesses. By harnessing the power of the cloud, we accelerate digital transformation initiatives, aligning technology with specific business objectives to propel organizations forward swiftly and efficiently.
AWSExplore Audax Labs' array of ready-to-deploy solutions powered by AWS, designed to embrace a cloud-first strategy. With a focus on enabling growth, driving innovation, optimizing costs, and fostering disruptive business model transformations, our solutions pave the way for organizations to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.


Total Transformation

The entire application is re-planned, re-engineered, and re-build from scratch using the latest technology and platform. Since the system is powered with modern technology, free yourself from the hassle to update for years to come. Total legacy transformation provides you a strong competitive edge and robust future-proof application.


IBM Mainframe, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal


IBM AIX, IBM CMOD, OpenText, ZL Technology


Pascal, C, Win C, Smalltalk


System Integration

With client outcomes at the forefront, we use flexible engagement models to deliver System Integration. Simplify and secure your applications, while streamlining and automating your processes with customized systems. Our expertise in Connectors Development and Plugins Development helps you achieve seamless and scalable system integration.



Open Text







Reduces operating costs

Experience modern UI and UX

Enables application scalability

Easy collaboration for development

Availability of skilled resources

Better security

Reduces operating costs

Experience modern UI and UX

Enables application scalability

Availability of skilled resources

Easy collaboration for development

Better security

Our Migration Framework

Migration Planning
  • Examine source DB, application(s) stack, source environment, Target Environment.
  • Create inventory of assets for migration.
  • Determine migration tool, application assets, app. Dependencies, size of DB etc.

Proof of concept
  • Select target environment, subset of database objects, application, for POC.
  • Execute POC.
  • Validate data and application migration.
  • Test data.

  • Set up target environments.
  • Migrate database(s) and all DB objects.
  • Migrate applications.
  • Sync data in source and target.
  • Replication, cutover from source DB environment.

Test Migration
  • Sanity test, smoke test.
  • Test data quality.
  • Test application running against target DBs.
  • Test interfaces.
  • Test third party applications.

Post migration support
  • Fix data issues.
  • Debug Out-of-Sync issues
  • Fix application issues.
  • Optimize Performance.

Use Cases

Audax Labs develops Azure-based wealth management application

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Audax Labs helps in migrating WCS Commerce platform to Azure Cloud from AIX

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