At Audax Labs, we explore the latest in technology to empower our partners to enter a whole new universe of opportunities.

Leveraging our industry-leading experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality services and products, our metaverse-based solutions enable organizations to provide new and unique customer experiences that look to the future.

Audax Labs empowers our partners with the ability to build their own metaverse environment for their clients and leverage the latest in data analytics and simulations in these platforms, giving enterprises an edge in the race to adapt and master the latest market trends.

Metaverse Capabilities

Digital Twin

Upgrade the efficiency of real-time operations with a virtual twin in the Metaverse that enables you to make and run simulations. These meta-simulations help you determine effective solutions and critical touchpoints, especially in the automotive and manufacturing domain.

Metaverse Onboarding

Onboard promising talent by providing new hires with innovative avatars and virtual tools in your own Metaverse. Initiate HR services and processes through simulations, improving employee lifecycle and building future-forward workplace and communities.

Virtual Workflow

Our industry expertise translates to efficient product pipelines and workflow in real-time through running virtual simulations in an immersive environment—all built into our very own Metaverse, providing an overall view of your project timeline.

Operational Excellence

We enable enterprises to provide customers and clients with innovative experiences through a confluence of technologies such as AR/VR/XR/MR in simulated environments, resulting in better ROI and operational excellence. 

Metaverse Offerings

Experience the Best in Meta-Tech

Explore our technology intertwined into the Metaverse

We help companies create and operate new virtual versions of themselves, thereby leveraging the entire
might of new and emerging innovative technology solutions. Listed below are our foray into the future of technology.

3D AR Engine

Our 3D AR Engine delivers a high-quality AR experience across mobile devices, be it iOS or Android operating systems. It enables 3D content creation and/or rendering for the Metaverse, including back-end integration with internal applications and IT systems.

AR Assist Configurator

The Augmented Reality-based AR Assist App enhances the capabilities of existing apps through real-time scanning of the environment and creating a virtual interaction mechanism displaying what different functions on the screen do. This is best used for advanced machine operating guides such as in cars, motorcycles, enterprise-grade printing solutions, etc.

AR 3D Boat Configurator

Experience our Augmented Reality-based Boat Builder that enables customers to not only build their own yachts in the Metaverse but also overlay them using smartphones on existing yachts and see them in action in real-time. The application of this tech is multifold with future implications.

Custom Footwear

Using AI, ML (Machine Learning), VR, and AR, Audax Labs developed an App to help sportspersons, athletes, and patients 3D-scan their feet, identify deformities, and determine the right kind of insoles and footwear to wear. With Metaverse, this tech can be used to design entire wardrobes tailored to each person in real life.

AR Car Design Configurator

The automobile configurator is a fully augmented reality-based tool that enables you to customize the visual aspects of an automobile. What’s more, you can drive this virtual car around to see how is looks with your custom settings and specifications, bridging Metaverse to real-life experience.

AR/VR/MR/XR Use Cases

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