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Simplify your operations. Expedite product releases. Access specialized expertise and cutting-edge tools. Outsource your QA and software testing to our top 1% engineers for reduced overhead, faster release cycles, and unparalleled quality assurance. Whether you require a few QA engineers or a complete automation team, our flexible engagement models guarantee a seamless partnership.

Automation TestingEstablish a robust production line for quality assurance with our automated testing services. Our automation engineers use tools like Selenium and Appium to systematically execute test cases, providing consistent and rapid feedback.
Regression TestingThis iterative process involves running a set of predefined test cases, resulting in fewer glitches, sustained software quality, and reliable performance of legacy features. Utilizing tools like Selenium and frameworks such as TestNG, we ensure that your software's core functionalities remain intact after updates.
API TestingRigorous API testing confirms that your endpoints are not only functional but also optimized, secure, and prepared to handle real-world demands. We employ tools like Postman and REST Assured to validate data flows, endpoint reliability, and performance under load, ensuring better software compatibility and fewer system weaknesses.
Web and Mobile QAIn a world where users transition between high-end desktops and mid-range smartphones, your websites and apps must excel across all browsers and devices. Our web and mobile QA service focuses on responsive design and cross-platform compatibility, delivering a seamless user experience. Accessibility testing is also conducted to confirm your software is usable by individuals with disabilities.
Security TestingIn the face of increasing data breaches, our security testing delves deep into your software's defences, analysing vulnerabilities from a hacker’s perspective. Utilizing top tools like OWASP ZAP and Burp Suite, we meticulously examine your application for vulnerabilities, addressing issues such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
Performance TestingThrough load and endurance tests, we simulate “rush hour” scenarios to identify performance bottlenecks, ensuring your application remains swift and responsive during traffic surges. Stress testing pushes your software beyond its limits, exposing its breaking points. With popular tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, and Gatling, we simulate thousands of concurrent users, monitoring response times, throughput rates, and system stability.

Why Choose Audax Labs for QA and Software Testing

Tailored Testing StrategiesAt Audax Labs, we kick off with your business objectives to devise a comprehensive, customized testing strategy. We carefully select the optimal approach for your application and choose the most suitable testing tools. Moreover, our commitment extends to providing constructive feedback, guiding the testing process, and enhancing overall software quality.
Top 1% QA Talent When it comes to QA talentAudax Labs stands out by exclusively onboarding the top 1% across Latin America. Our QA specialists are versed in a diverse range of testing methodologies. Their prowess as effective communicators and creative problem-solvers fosters a robust collaboration with your software development team.
Comprehensive Testing ServicesAudax Labs takes pride in the expertise of our QA engineers and testers in a multitude of testing approaches, methodologies, and services. Our proficiency extends to functional and performance testing, encompassing security, stress, and usability testing. Leveraging both manual and automated methods, we ensure maximum test coverage, delivering software of the highest quality.

Our Process. Effortless, Smooth, and Streamlined

STEP 1 Discuss Your Requirements

Engage in a conversation about your business goals, budget, timeline, and the need for quality assurance services. In this initial discussion, we’ll determine whether you require a dedicated software development team or one of our alternative engagement models.

STEP 2 Develop a Plan and Form a Team

We’ll formulate a plan outlining our QA testing approach, tailored to your requirements and chosen engagement model. Simultaneously, we’ll assemble a team of QA specialists perfectly suited to your project.

STEP 3 Initiate the Work

Our QA engineers and testers will dive into action. Throughout the software testing process, we’ll monitor metrics and keep you updated on our progress, ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way.

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