Organizations often struggle to manage vast unstructured data from diverse sources for dark data discovery, investigation, analytics, and compliance.

Introducing DataBeagle

Designed to streamline digital data management for modern organizations. Developed by Audax Labs, this innovative solution offers seamless search capabilities, deep data insights, and efficient eDiscovery processes. With user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology, our application revolutionizes how organizations harness digital information for compliance, productivity, and informed decision-making.

Key Features

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data: Discover
Databeagle’s Essential Features for Transformative Analysis and Decision-Making.

AI Based Features

Unveil Databeagle’s Cutting-Edge AI Features for Unparalleled
Analysis and Advanced Capabilities for Streamlined Data Interpretation


Convert your documents into actionable data with unmatched accuracy, making every word count.

Transform scanned documents into searchable, editable data.

Image Search

Navigate through visual data with intuitive search features, uncovering the details that matter in a flash.

Dive beyond text; find what you need with an image-centric approach.

Speech To Text (STT)

Bring audio content to the forefront, making every spoken word searchable and analyzable.

Harness the power of spoken words by converting them into actionable data.

Data Classification

Our intelligent classification system not only sorts your data but does so with a deep understanding of its context and relevance.

Let AI categorize your data, so you focus on what truly matters.


Discover Our Multifaceted Solutions,
Crafted to Meet Varied Industry Demands.

eDiscoveryStreamline the eDiscovery process with our advanced application, ensuring efficient data identification, collection, and preservation for legal proceedings.
Data InsightsUnlock actionable insights hidden within your data repositories, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.
Unstructured Data ManagementTame the complexity of unstructured data with our sophisticated application, transforming chaos into valuable insights.
Our Key Customers

Esteemed companies and institutions leveraging
Databeagle’s innovative technologies to drive their data-driven initiatives forward.

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