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Changes across the retail landscape are accelerating like never before and moving forward unstoppably.

Retail is a lucrative space for digital transformation: digital companies achieve higher revenue growth, operating profit, and return on shareholder value than others. This is all possible due to their ability to deliver powerful customer experiences, craft innovative and connected digital solutions, and constantly improvise operations.



Real-time check-upsDetect abnormalities, fraud, and needs by location and take immediate action.
Improved communicationBuild a strong and flawless customer experience through integration.
Advance predictive analyticsAugment distribution and inventory models with advanced predictive analytics.
Availability of digital assetsManageable APIs to make digital assets available across all platforms.
AI-driven analytical solutionIntuitive dashboards with sophisticated AI models to explore customer behaviour.
Incentivize your customersUse innovative solutions to incentivize customers and increase loyalty.

Featured Solution

Retail Catchment Analysis

Geospatial Analytics and Location Intelligence Scenarios for Retail – business growth is dependent on structured and usable data. The recent digital shift in the retail industry has exposed the high value of geospatial data – it’s extremely important for retailers to know the socioeconomic details of their customers to become personal and relevant to customers.

Customer data on income, housing/rent prices, surrounding business performance, population, and age can be easily managed by retailers using geospatial data. It enables customer to stay updated on the inventory and assortment that they need to carry. Geospatial data can also be used by retailers in combination with weather pattern predictions.

Stock management of weather-related goods is a critical task that reduces overstock and out-of-stock situations for retailers. Analysing weather patterns in related zones allows retailers to handle inventories efficiently and understands which goods to stock.

Data-driven decisions

Discover and explore dozens of datasets and applications that can help organizations deliver integrated catchment management.

Increased footfall for business growth

Analyzing customer behaviour and patterns in geospatial data; customer catchment becomes easy and the strategic growth of business can be planned.

Delighters for customer experience

Rewarding, incentivizing, and delighting your customers with a fabulous buying experience improves your chances to retain customers’ loyalty.

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