DataOps is the process-oriented methodology that Audax Labs employs to help global organizations manage their
data effectively through better collaboration and automation.

With Audax Labs, experience improved data trust and protection, quicker data insights, and more cost-effective data management.
DataOps combines Agile Development, DevOps, and Statistical Process Controls and applies them to Data Analytics.

Our Capabilities

Data Governance

Overall management of organization’s data
Define and manage policies for data availability, classification, usability, quality, and security
Enables enterprises to take decision based on data with insights, data security, sensitive data handling, and data lakes management

Data Integration

Combine data from disparate data sources into meaningful and valuable insights.
Platform for enterprises to collect data, replicate data, transform data, and produce valuable insights
Faster time to value and reduced IT risk. Data profiling, standardization, matching and enrichment to active data-quality monitoring.

Master Data Management

Analyse organization’s critical data and develop best practices to handle the data.
Improves data agility, security, and compliance and provide a single view of data across the enterprise.

Data Quality

Cleanse data to make it complete, accurate, and relevant.
Manage data and making it available across your organization.
Improve data quality enable organization to have a holistic, consistent and complete view of the data and helps in effective decision-making.

Data Architecture Assessment

Analyse the data landscape of existing data and provide the recommendations to address operational data flow, data storage, data insights, data enrichment, data migration, and data warehouse implementations.

Data Security

Analyze existing data security processes, discover confidential data/ information and develop best practices to improve data content protection and security during transmission.


Our Solution

Hyper Intelligent Data Operations or HIDO is a revolutionary enterprise data management system built on top of, and works with, Hitachi Content Intelligence.

With HIDO, companies can:

  • Quickly uncover data insights
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Mitigate risks for governance
  • Compliance and protection

HIDO helps organizations overcome their data challenges and is a smart way to get better insights from their data.

Case Study: Data Migration in a Bank

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