In this ever-evolving IT ecosystem, new hardware, software, products, and solutions that are being released constantly into the market. But what happens when a product has completed its useful lifecycle with support and updates withdrawn.

These End-of-Life products need to be insulated from cybercriminals who look to exploit security vulnerabilities and breach outdated security firewalls, making your enterprise data prone to cause widespread damage—cyber-attacks, theft, and corruption. That may like data corruption and theft of data.


Data centers that continue to use end-of-life technologies are more prone to such risks.

EOL (End of Life) is a Cloud-based Product Intelligence Suite developed by Audax Labs. It determines end of life cycle and end of support for various software systems used by an enterprise.

It helps the enterprises manage their applications’ data, perform reporting, and improve cost of ownership of the software assets.

Key features


Take informed decisions on procurement.
Assess total cost of ownership of an asset.
Improve service quality for employees and customers.
Improve forecast of needs.
Avoid replacing assets/services with an EOL product.
Manage the assets/services better with information on demand.

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