Enabling The Future of Automotive Tech

“Humans create technology, and technology helps humans more”


Connectivity is now at the heart of next-generation vehicles. Whether it is mobility management, real-time traffic flow information, assisted driving, or remote access to emergency services, all these services require connectivity.


Audax Labs enables automotive manufacturers to leverage connectivity, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility systems, and data analytics to develop and deliver connected cars that are secure, efficient, and easy to use.


Our automotive solutions and technological innovation help OEMs enhance the digital experience of their customers, ensuring that they remain connected with buyers through the complete lifecycle of the vehicle. Our solutions have the potential to bring substantial benefits to consumers including making travel safer, reducing congestion, and providing real time information to passengers.

Audax Labs helps leading automakers
usher in Connected Vehicle technology

Next-gen Vehicle Identification through wearables and mobile devices

Secure. Robust. Fast. Flexible. Scalable.

Experience Next-gen Vehicle Identification through wearables and mobile devices. Our VIN Scanning Technology is even compatible with drones and smart wearables, bringing the power of enterprise-grade scanners to your small screens to capture even dim-lit and damaged VIN codes. ​


Bring the latest of scanning technology to your enterprise through our dedicated software development kit (SDK). Flexible compatibility enables VIN Scanning implementation on a wide range of OEM devices, frameworks, architectures, operating systems, and 3rd party systems. ​


  • Cut Hardware and Maintenance Costs
  • Upgrade from Manual Lookups
  • Shave off Labor Costs


Upgrade your automobile delivery system using the power of AR-VR-XR technologies. Check the efficiency of real-time operations with a virtual twin that enables you to make and run simulations. These simulations help you determine effective solutions and critical touchpoints.


Virtual Twins can also be used in the sales cycle with AR-based drive-able simulations that gives you the look and feel of how a real car could be.


  • Try car models in life-size AR on your driveway
  • Customize cars in dealerships to see different variants, colors, and finishes
  • Self-service your car, assisted by a virtual technician


The automotive sector is approaching a tipping point. The emerging technology ecosystem and fast-blurring boundaries between stakeholders are transforming the automotive landscape.


Our Automotive Innovation Center is a collaborative space to explore and co-create compelling experiences for end users while simultaneously achieving business goals faster and cost effectively. Our digital technology solutions including Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR, and VR help to improve your customer engagement and create new business models.

Partner with Audax Labs to revolutionize your Automotive Value Chain

You made a revolutionary car. You have a dream of what your vehicle can do. Tell us your dream, and we will help you see it through in just 90 Days!

Vehicle Systems

  • Production Forecast​
  • Vehicle Ordering​
  • Allocation & Assignment
  • Logistics​
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle Trade​
  • Retail Delivery Report​
  • Inventory Management​
  • E & S Purchase Plan (Employee/Supplier)
  • Dealer & Port Trading
  • Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle​
  • Fleet Sales (Rental Car), Company Cars​

For Dealers

  • Sales and Inventory Reporting​
  • Dealer Ordering​
  • Service Loaner
  • Brand Engagement​
  • Facility Inspection​
  • Dealer Scorecard​
  • Dealer Agreement​
  • Dealer Loyalty​
  • Dealer Business Contact​
  • Customer Experience​
  • Financial Statements​

Parts and Inventory

  • Parts inventory & Sales
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Parts Sales Order
  • Parts Shipping
  • Parts Availability
  • Backorder Management.
  • Parts Return
  • Accessory Pricing
  • Parts Promotion
  • Recall and SPP
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Parts Invoice, Purchase and Receive Management
  • Parts Transportation

Service and Warranty

  • Warranty Claims
  • Warranty Appeals
  • Warranty Authorizations
  • Warranty Master Maintenance
  • Extended Warranty
  • Transportation Claims
  • Real-time Dealer Order Management​
  • Recall reporting & management
  • NHTSA Reporting
  • Diagnostic Inspection Feedback

Auto Finance

  • Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Dealer Payment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Profit analysis
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Enterprise Controlling
  • Strategic Enterprise Management
  • Investment Management
  • Payroll System
  • Tax accounting


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