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As a leading provider in automotive innovation and mobility solutions, we specialize in developing strategies and services to meet the changing needs of the automotive industry. With extensive experience and trusted relationships with key players in the field, our focus is on fostering collaboration and leveraging data-driven approaches to drive innovation and deploy advanced automotive solutions globally.

Our Services

Innovation Centre

The automotive sector is undergoing a dynamic shift driven by emerging technologies and evolving stakeholder dynamics. Our Automotive Innovation Centre is a collaborative hub designed to create immersive end-user experiences and accelerate business objectives with agility and cost-effectiveness. Utilizing innovative digital solutions like AI, IoT, AR, and VR, we redefine customer engagement and unlock new avenues for business growth.

Software Defined Vehicle Solutions

Our Software-Defined Vehicle Solutions revolutionize automotive technology by integrating onboard and offboard software with AI, IoT, and cloud computing. We enhance functionality, connectivity, and user experience with advanced driver assistance systems and over-the-air updates, empowering vehicles to adapt and evolve in real time, driving innovation and efficiency.

Connected Services & Data Platform Solutions

Connectivity is the cornerstone of next-generation vehicles, enabling services like mobility management, real-time traffic updates, assisted driving, and emergency access. Audax Labs empowers automotive manufacturers to leverage connectivity, cloud computing, IoT, mobility systems, and data analytics to create secure, efficient, and user-friendly connected cars.

Digital Twin

Enhance your automotive delivery with AR, VR, and XR technologies. Use virtual twins for real-time operations and simulation-driven insights. Incorporate AR-based driveable simulations into your sales cycle, explore life-size AR car models, customize vehicles at dealerships, and access virtual technician assistance—experience top-tier automotive innovation.

EV Charging & Data Management Solutions

We meticulously design the customer journey, ensuring seamless interaction from charging station discovery to post-charging feedback, prioritizing user convenience and satisfaction. Our advanced data integration solutions use data lake technologies to collect, process, and utilize EV charging data, offering real-time insights into station performance, energy consumption, and user behavior.


Experience next-gen Vehicle Identification with our VIN Scanning Technology, compatible with wearables, mobile devices, drones, and smart wearables. Capture dim-lit and damaged VIN codes with enterprise-grade precision. Our flexible SDK allows easy implementation on various OEM devices, frameworks, architectures, operating systems, and third-party systems.

Case Studies

Enhancing User Experience for Automotive Manufacturer with Augmented Reality User Manuals

Audax Labs developed an AR solution using Unity, Vuforia, and native iOS for a US-based automotive manufacturer, enabling bike owners to access paperless user manuals integrated into their mobile app, enhancing user experience, saving costs and time, and allowing seamless updates.

Gen-AI powered chat support for One of the Largest EV Manufacturer

A big electric bike company in the US had too many people asking the same questions, making it hard for their support team. Audax Labs suggested using smart computer programs to help. These programs learned from past answers and could handle easy questions without needing human help. This saved time and made things smoother.

Driving Operational Excellence: Leveraging Telemetry Data Solutions for Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers

Audax Labs implemented Microsoft Azure Data Lake as a centralized platform to gather and analyze telemetry data from electric motorcycles. This enabled real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and enhanced user experience by optimizing battery performance and ensuring data security and compliance, while also reducing operational costs.

Empowering RV Adventures: Introducing Connected Mobile Control Solutions

Audax Labs developed an advanced “connected RV” solution for a prominent North American RV manufacturer. This solution allows users to control their RVs through mobile devices, offering features like RV charging status, health monitoring, and roadside assistance. The outcome includes enhanced customer experience, cost and time savings, improved safety, predictive maintenance, and increased adoption due to innovative technology.

We’Re a Microsoft Solution Partner in Digital & App Innovation, Data & AI and Infrastructure

We use Microsoft technologies to transform brands all over the world.


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