Empowering Industry Leaders With Scalable AI Solutions

Expanding human capability exponentially with the power of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way businesses serve and interface with employees and customers.

Smart machines and systems bring unprecedented growth and value to enterprises. Many enterprises have realized the power of AI and began employing using AI BOTs, Sentiment Analysis, and Image Processing to learn more about the customers and their needs and serve them better, as well as improve internal operations.

At Audax Labs, we partner with forward-thinking organizations in developing solutions for the workforce of the future using AI, and combining it with technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, Analytics, Industrial IoT, and the Metaverse, to help businesses successfully undergo digital transformation initiatives.

Reinventing businesses with Generative AI

Transform the way we work with Generative Artificial Intelligent solutions

Audax Labs helps enterprises identify client needs and opportunities not only at a strategic level but also on a daily basis, with solutions that drive AI initiatives using the latest cutting-edge technological advancements that underpin ChatGPT.

At Audax Labs, we place Generative AI at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence-based initatives focused on generating business value and helping organizations get ahead of the curve in market disruption.

Optimize Enterprise Functions

Generative AI can help in business optimization leading to faster, increased productivity, and a marked reduction in costs, through value-added AI solutions for data analysis, legal, security, sales, finance, and customer service.

Reinvent the Business

Apply the latest in Generative AI technology ro drive inclusive digital transformation with Audax Labs solutions that help you startegize, brainstorm, design, build, operate, run new use cases and initiatives.


Component Detector

Component Detector for Content Intelligence

Experience our machine-learning model that identifies and tags data of P&IDs components from .pdf and image files.

With OCR technology, find relevant data to differentiate among similar models. Use Content Intelligence for tagging and indexing metadata.


  • Saves Time and Cuts Costs
  • Improves efficiency
  • Scalable
  • Reliable

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment, Image, and Video Analysis

With our all-in-one AI tool, we give you a glimpse of our capabilities in partnering with you on solutions in Sentiment Analysis, Image Analysis, and Video Analysis. Sentiment analysis reads and analyses the customer sentiment from the input data feed (emails, chats, documents) and determines if they are positive, negative, or neutral.

Image and Video Analytics engines identify emotions, adult content, racy content, brands, logos, persons in the images, videos, and objects.


  • Opens Possibilities for New Revenue Models
  • Reduce Costs
  • Integrate into Automation
  • Improve Productivity and Performance


Audax Labs OCR Solution

Our on-prem OCR solution leverages Machine Learning and Computer Vision. When integrated with HCI, it identifies sensitive information from images and .pdf objects. OCR Scanning reduces regulatory risks as it processes scanned images and pdf files, converting them to text.

The partner’s HCI is integrated with OCR solution to process data for scanned images. Custom SharePoint connector for HCI allows to bring SharePoint data to compliance preview. OCR plug-in supports following file format(s): PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNGs


  • Makes Data Discovery and Compliance Easy and Efficient
  • Enables better Data Security
  • Reduce Costs with:
    • Lower Storage Costs
    • Lower Maintenance Efforts

Aline Insoles

Audax Labs developed the “Aline” App using top notch technologies that include AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and AR (Augmented Reality) for determining the best insoles for patients.

The Aline app scans the leg and calculates the position of a person’s ankle and knees, and a highly trained ML engine then suggests the best insole for each case.


  • No Professional Caregivers Required
  • Cost Effective
  • Scope For Business Expansion

Audax Labs at HITACHI NEXT

Experience our showcase presented at Hitachi Next 2019

Where's Waldo?

A game powered by Machine Learning engine that allows users to compete with machine.

The user attempts to find Waldo from the handout given to him while the application uses ML to find the same from the input image. The application returns the time taken by ML engine, when pitted against humans.

Funny Faces

An ML-based solution in the form of a fun game that identifies user’s emotions after analyzing their facial expressions.

The game takes a picture of the user, analyzes it using the Machine Learning Engine and identifies the emotions exhibited by them.

He Said - She Said

An innovative solution that allows users to analyze their twitter feed for a defined interval.

It uses a Sentiment Analysis Engine and processes the tweets to find out hidden sentiments. Users can see a detailed dashboard and get further data insights, sentiments, and trends.