Audax Labs develops Azure-based wealth management application

Audax Labs develops Azure-based wealth management application


Luz Capital, a Mexico-based wealth management consulting for private banking and hedge funds, needed the capability to manage hedge funds, present risks, and allowed their customers to control their wealth instantly. Luz Capital wanted to enhance its legacy system and migrate from on-premise to the cloud, making it scalable and secure.


Audax Labs developed a comprehensive Wealth Management Application on Azure Cloud, which is highly scalable and secure. The application provides high performance and support to thousands of concurrent users with different authorization levels. The legacy system functionalities, such as end-of-day process, custodian data input, etc., were automated.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Reduced Inventory Costs
  • Fast and Effective Transactions
  • Possibility to Minimize Staffing Costs
  • Legacy Functionalities in Cloud
  • Higher Efficiency Leading to Time Saving
  • Mult-user Support

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