What is Document Engine

Audax Labs Document Engine converts and extracts the images from the input file (PDF, JPG, PNG, Doc etc.) and these images are further converted to a file containing the text.

Benefits of OCR

Faster SearchesOCR can help in achieving higher productivity by facilitating faster searches to extract the relevant data. Allowing employees to focus on core competencies.
Reduced CostOCR helps in reducing several costs like printing, copying, shipping charge, hiring manpower for data extraction etc.
Reduced ErrorsOrganizations are marred by the problem of data loss and inaccuracy. OCR can help by reducing manual data entry errors.
More Storage SpaceOCR helps organizations to easily catalogue and index paper documents and reduce the need of managing large paper files and cabinets.
Ready AvailabilityOnce the OCR is done the text file can be made available for reuse by sharing it using cloud storage.
Efficient ManagementWith the OCR technique, managing data of confidential documents becomes easy and effortless. It can also be automated.

OCR Engine Features

Gamut of recognition technologiesOffers extremely accurate recognition of machine-printed text (OCR) and hand-printed text (ICR). In addition, it provides recognition of barcodes (OBR).
Rapid ProcessingUsing multi-core CPUs and processing images in parallel on multiple threads, the OCR steps can be performed significantly faster.
Efficient processingIt allows document conversion into searchable TEXT/XML allowing faster searches and index.
Compatibility & SupportIt can be deployed on-premise, virtual environments or Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
Powered with AI & MLRobust AI and ML with other technologies detect the logical structure of a document and it can further be used to make smart decisions.
Advanced image pre-processing functionsDe-skewing, rotation, distortion correction, text line straightening, page splitting, adaptive binarization, ISO noise reduction and other image correction steps deliver best OCR results.

Example Workflow

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