What is DataBeagle?

DataBeagle offers ways to prevent data leaks and discovery of relevant sensitive information. The product has been created by Audax Labs in partnership with Hitachi Vantara.

While ECM is the active analysis of internal data designed to reduce risks associated with business practices, ECA is the facilitation of legal processes associated with eDiscovery intended to reduce cost and time.


The only action more effective than quickly reacting to data leaks is to prevent them in the first place. In this digital world we operate in, your organization’s most valued asset is vulnerable to attacks that can quickly lead to expensive lawsuits. And it’s more than your data that’s at risk. Protecting sensitive customer information is your responsibility.
Identifying potential breaches as they’re occurring across a variety of communication channels can be challenging. But with the right systems in place, it’s not impossible.


A data breach of your customer’s personal information can lead to litigation, but not as quickly as the bad press can damage your good reputation. To add insult to injury, you find yourself spending millions to cleanup the mess. Some systems you know store pieces of personal information, such as credit card and personal identification numbers, so you can easily safeguard those, but what about user file shares? And what happens when a customer exercises their right to be forgotten? Will you be ready to fulfill those requests?


Use Cases

Rabobank: Data Risk and Monitoring

AudaxLabs developed an iOS based app that interacts with Lumada IoT platform to generate and display AR overlay reports, accurate job time, ink level, viscosity, and predictive maintenance etc.

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eDiscovery to reduce cost and time

An American multinational e-commerce corporation needed to allow its legal team to search their data archives for credit card numbers/type.

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