DataBeagle is a revolutionary data discovery solution that offers ways to analyze, monitor, and discover relevant sensitive information. Learn more about the major components of DataBeagle — the Collection module, the Early Case Assessment module, the Supervision module, and the Retention module.


DataBeagle’s collection module enables you to collect data from a variety of data sources — be it NAS, CIFS, SharePoint, HCP Anywhere etc. — and ingests into HCP based on custom rules.

  • Create and schedule collection job
  • Retrieve data based on filters — custodian, date range, data type etc.
  • Enable faster searches with HCI-indexed data

Early Case Assessment

The ECA module identifies electronically stored information (ESI) and other potential evidences early on in a legal matter.

  • Review documents on different criteria like keywords, date range, custodians etc.
  • Save user searches
  • View documents with metadata
  • Apply legal hold, review, tag, and export the documents.


Internal compliance reviews are a breeze with DataBeagle’s Supervision module.

  • Search data based on filters — custodian, date range, data type etc., and custom keywords.
  • Save supervisor searches
  • Flag documents with legal hold, review, tag, and export them


Setup retention policies for data deletion and maintenance with the Retention module.

  • Safeguards against data breaches through proactive deletion of files.
  • Enables IT team(s) to create jobs based on different criteria, keywords, date range, etc.

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