Deliver Quicker with DevOps

To keep pace with your growing business demands, IT must ensure that applications are always live to support customer needs. Audax Labs’ framework for DevOps enables enterprises to become agile, enabling quicker releases and faster time to market.

Audax labs’ DevOps provides comprehensive capabilities across application release management, release automation, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and leveraging top DevOps technologies and tools.

Audax Labs help organizations to accelerate their software delivery by automation in areas of software development, quality assurance, and operations. This can be achieved by leveraging both DevOps and Agile methodologies.

DevOps Stages


DevOps Services/Offerings


  • Audit of current DevOps practices
  • Evaluate infrastructure and Identifying area of improvements
  • Evaluate releases schedule and optimize
  • Evaluation of tools and technologies usage
  • Deliver Assessment report and DevOps roadmap


  • Automate Development, QA testing, Deployment of different tasks
  • Continuous delivery pipeline for increasing productivity
  • Usage of DevOps tools & technologies to create stable and reliable environment

DevOps Management

  • Release and change management
  • Set up effective monitoring processes to keep your environments up and running
  • Performance optimization
  • Communication and integration

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