The Learning and Education industry is undergoing a massive change with students at its center as students can now choose from a wide variety of courses and training methods. However, a much bigger change is coming that affects other stakeholders including professional training institutes, trainers, faculty and coaches.

At the classroom level, there is a need to devise a digital strategy to apply technology and aid learning. Solutions are being sought by certification agencies to meet changing demographic conditions and increased demand for mobile social content. Lastly, the need has arisen to craft and deliver outcome-based education.

Audax Labs uses technology to enhance the student experience and help professional trainers, coaches and institutions to deliver excellence in training and development space. We leverage technologies such as Web, Mobile, Augmented and Virtual Reality to provide technology solutions to cover aspects such as learning, interaction, student progress and student retention in the workplace environment.

Client Success Story

How Audax Labs helped GrowthCafé deliver contextual, intuitive and gamified learning experiences to its enterprise users.


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