LiveWire wanted to replace their legacy mobile application with an advanced app that could communicate with their EV bikes. Along with that, they wanted to give users a 3D visualization in-app and let them view the bike statistics. The app also needed the capability to be used to plan and record rides, and be able to provide assistance and support in case of any incident/accident. The user should also be able to store their driving and insurance documents.


The Audax Labs team developed the LiveWire app, an advanced “connected bike” solution for electric bike maker LiveWire for its models, LiveWire Delmar S2 and LiveWire One. The app features: Multiple Bike Support, Navigation and Bike Locator, Bike Charging Status, Charging Management, Health and Diagnostics, Roadside Assistance, Remote Lights and Honks, EV Range Calculator, Interactive User Manual, and Charging Station Locator.


  • Diagnostics and communication
  • Better safety and security
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Range calculation and ease of charging
  • Ride navigation and riding activities
  • 3D bike visualization
  • Access to digital user manual
  • App storage for license and insurance information
  • Track and report stolen bike

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