National Law Enforcement Agency Implements DataBeagle by Audax Labs, Improving Forensic Analysis Efficiency

A national law enforcement agency was facing a daunting challenge in their forensic analysis efforts. With an increasing number of devices being collected as evidence and new devices with larger storage capacities, the agency was struggling to effectively search and analyze all the data. With limited manpower, the agency was finding it difficult to complete evidence reviews in a timely manner.

DataBeagle’s Supervision Module

To address these challenges, the agency implemented Audax Labs’ DataBeagle supervision module. This powerful solution allows the agency to ingest large volumes of data from multiple devices and evaluate and search it from a common web interface. The needed evidence can also be tagged and exported for further action by the agency.

The DataBeagle supervision module is built on the Comet data ingestion engine, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), and Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) which allow the agency to process and analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.


As a result of this implementation, the agency was able to significantly reduce overall search times. The solution also provided multiuser capability, which was essential for the agency’s work. Additionally, the technology foundation provided by DataBeagle met all reporting requirements and offered new data services, further streamlining internal processes and supporting the agency’s mission.


  • Reduced overall search times
  • Provided multiuser capability needed for the agency.
  • Technology foundation meets reporting requirements
  • Offered new data services
  • Streamlined internal processes and supported the agency’s mission

Overall, DataBeagle proved to be a valuable asset to the agency, allowing them to effectively process and analyze the large volumes of data collected as evidence, in a timely manner. This helps the agency to complete their forensic analysis, and make the necessary action in a timely manner which is essential for the agency’s work.

Looking to the Future

One possible future application of DataBeagle, based on this case study, is its use in other law enforcement agencies or organizations that need to process and analyze large volumes of data in a timely manner. The solution’s ability to ingest, process, and analyze data from multiple devices, along with its multiuser capability, makes it a valuable tool for any organization that needs to quickly and effectively search and analyze data.

Another potential application of DataBeagle is in other industries that require data processing and analysis, such as healthcare, finance, and insurance. The solution’s ability to process and analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently, along with its ability to provide new data services, makes it an ideal solution for organizations in these industries that need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, while also streamlining internal processes. DataBeagle could be used for various other use-cases such as fraud detection, customer service, and risk management, making it a versatile solution for any organization that needs to process and analyze data.

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