eDiscovery intended to reduce cost and time

An American multinational e-commerce corporation needed to allow its legal team to search their data archives for credit card numbers/type, personal identification numbers/country and for keywords.

Customer’s data scientists and legal teams required a solution for eDiscovery purposes and to ensure GDPR compliance.


  • Cumbersome search & discovery process
  • High cost to collect and refine data related to legal matters
  • IT reliance, involvement, and delays


  • Discover sensitive data
  • Reduced reliance on 3rd party legal cost
  • Simple and faster searches
  • Reduced reliance on IT Teams


ECA was implemented for faster searches, to export files, and to put legal hold on the documents for eDiscovery. The solution allows users to search documents based on:

  • Credit Card Type | CC Number
  • Personal Identification Number | Country based PII
  • Date
  • Keyword
  • Custodian

The solution allows data sets for employee communications to be indexed, analyzed, and cataloged for businesses to perform the necessary monitoring & legal review to protect corporate assets.

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