Augmented Reality for Kitchen and Bath Retailers and Manufacturers

Augmented reality is beginning to demonstrate its potential across a growing number of industries with users adopting AR in both consumer and enterprise segments. In the furniture industry, augmented reality is popular among manufacturers and homeowners. Its popularity is also growing in the retail sector and we believe it is just a matter of time before it changes everything about real estate.

If you look up iTunes and/or Play store for an augmented reality kitchen app, you’ll see plenty of results. These apps are popular because they are helping individuals design their dream kitchens. Needless to say—kitchen and bath manufacturers and retailers can take advantage of this growing trend. Bath and kitchen designing can be made a lot more fun with augmented reality. AR can help manufacturers and retailers of kitchen and bath products and accessories to improve their buyers’ experience in many ways. How exactly can AR help these industry players? We will briefly discuss the possible ways below.

It Can Improve Brand Awareness

The first major thing adopting augmented reality will do for a bath and kitchen manufacturer or retailer is that it will improve brand awareness. Being able to bring such convenient means of designing bath and kitchen areas for interior designers and homeowners will come with its share of rewards in the form of improved brand awareness, and any serious business can take advantage of this to capture a sizable chunk of the market share.

It Can Improve Popularity of Their Products

With augmented reality, retailers and manufacturers have a better opportunity of showcasing their products to interior designers and homeowners. An augmented reality kitchen design app, for instance, will have all the kitchen products of the brand in the AR catalog, and a user can access various products to see how each can fit in their kitchen. With a traditional showroom, there is a limit to the number of products that can be displayed but an AR app can accommodate every item buyer may consider adding to their kitchen or bathroom.

It Improves the Customer Experience

Augmented reality is all about bringing the showroom to the buyers (in this case—homeowners and interior designers). It is all about convenience and that is exactly what the modern buyer wants. Spending hours to plan a kitchen or bathroom and spending more time in a showroom identifying the items that will bring the designs to life is becoming a thing of the past. Manufacturers and retailers can save their customers from the stress by investing in augmented reality.

It Will Drive More Sales

For furniture manufacturers that have adopted augmented reality, there are remarkable results in the form of improved sales. This is understandable considering the experience buyers get from using AR apps. When homeowners can scan their kitchen or bathroom and go through an AR catalog to pick, drag and drop the right items and visualize them, they are more likely to buy when they have the perfect design staring at them.

It Will Save Cost and Improve Profitability

Bath and kitchen manufacturers and retailers will also be able to cut cost and improve profitability in the long run as a result of increased adoption augmented reality. It can eliminate the need for large physical showrooms. With augmented reality apps, the chances of shopping annoyances and returning of products are also drastically reduced. Buyers can always feel how the items they are about to purchase will fit in their bathroom or kitchen. With more sales and less costs, profitability will be improved.

With augmented reality, it is easier for customers to make informed and accurate decisions in their bathroom or kitchen design journey. Manufacturers and retailers can take advantage of AR to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

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