How Augmented Reality Can Improve Aftersales Service Delivery for Automotive Companies

The application of augmented reality is far-reaching, no doubt. In the automotive industry, it is becoming a real game changer in different aspects of service delivery. From augmented reality automotive maintenance to augmented reality car apps, it is hard to imagine any limitation to the application of AR. It is just like what you’d expect to see in sci-fi movies, except it’s not really fiction—companies are beginning to adopt some of the aspects, led by companies like BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz.

Manufacturers and auto dealers are already improving the car ownership experience of their customers through augmented reality. In this post, we will briefly consider a few ways in which augmented reality can help improve aftersales service delivery.

It Is Already an Innovative Support-Service Tool

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex as a result of technological advances. Technicians and service staffs are expected to stay updated with information on how to service different variants of these vehicles, and this can be challenging. AR in the automotive industry can be helpful for this. Volkswagen’s Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance (MARTA) is already doing great in that regard. It displays labelled parts and gives specific instructions that facilitate quick and accurate servicing.

Augmented Reality Car Repair Is a Reality

Most respected car brands have adopted AR in one way or the other but augmented reality car repair is one aspect that has attracted lots of attention. Microsoft’s HoloLens for AR Car Repair and I-Mechanic AR Car Repair App are some of the known names making a meaningful impact in this regard. The BMW Augmented Reality Car Repair is a proprietary AR smart glasses that promises much, including help with common mechanical issues.

It Can Help Educate Customers Better

The owner’s manuals is a helpful material that car owners can always rely on for assistance. With the world going paperless, it is not expected that people will happily thumb through dense instructional manuals. Augmented reality can help educate car owners about their vehicles. Hyundai’s Virtual Guide is one cool app, a clear augmented reality automotive industry app use case, that Hyundai owners can download and use to learn more about their vehicles. It can also be helpful in the car interior to let owners get grips with new vehicle dashboards.

It Can Connect Auto Dealers with Expert Technicians

There are some problems that may seem unfixable for auto dealers or authorized mechanics that are close to car owners. Master technicians may have no other choice than to seek the assistance of expert technicians in the main technical support centres. In such situations, augmented reality can make all the difference. Volkswagen has tapped into the augmented reality technology in a move that will connect auto dealers and expert technicians to improve aftersales services.

It Is the Future of Car Navigation System

Augmented reality in the automotive industry is definitely going to contribute more to the navigation system of cars in the near future. AR navigation systems can actually improve safety rather than distract drivers. Warnings and traffic data are placed right on the windshield and help drivers make the right decisions quickly while driving.

Augmented reality in the automotive industry promises to improve a lot of operations in the aftersales delivery arena. In addition to some of the other points discussed above, AR systems can also enhance communication and entertainment in cars.

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