How Augmented Reality Is Transforming Car Dealership

The impact of augmented reality in the automotive industry is becoming more exciting by the day. From the manufacturing stage to aftersales service delivery, AR is helping to reshape the industry piece by piece. The technology is also steadily transforming car dealership in ways that are magical in every sense of the word. In the automotive market, augmented reality is helping car dealers offer interactive car-buying experiences to customers in different ways. Here, we will briefly consider some of the amazing impacts of augmented reality technology in the automobile industry as it relates to a car dealership.

Helping Dealers Improve the Showroom Experience

An augmented reality car showroom is now a reality. With the help of AR technology, sales experts will be able to help buyers experience their choice of cars in an exciting manner even if the car is not available in their physical showroom. With AR, it is possible for buyers to tour a virtual car in the showroom in almost the same manner they would have toured it if it were physically available. A sales expert can lead the tour. The experience is highly immersive. Buyers are able to turn on the lights, open and shut doors, roll the windows up or down, or move the car forward or back just as they would do when the car is present in the showroom.

Bringing Cars to Smartphone Users Anytime and Anywhere

Asides from enabling auto dealers to better help customers enjoy their buying experience in a showroom, AR can also let smartphone owners visualize and interact with life-size virtual cars anytime, anywhere. It was BMW that pioneered this when they worked with Accenture to develop the BMW iVisualizer. The app, downloadable on Google Play store, brings BMW’s dealership right to their customers anywhere they want it. Through such features as advanced computer vision capabilities, image processing, vision sensors, motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception, the app can deliver a truly immersive experiences to smartphone users.

Allowing for Car Customization

Augmented reality in car dealership does not only allow dealers and customers to appreciate cars, but it also makes it possible for them to perform customizations. This is one of the things that makes car shopping more fun when AR apps are used. The BMW iVisualizer, for instance, allows users to configure both the exterior and interior of the cars from the available options that they like. With just a tap on the screen, the exterior color and wheel rims can be changed. They are also able to open the trunk and doors of the car to have a closer look and also alter the interior to their taste.

Simplifying Decision Making for Buyers

With all the features of augmented reality the automotive market can leverage, it is easier for buyers to make informed decisions regarding what they need in the car they’re purchasing. Being able to configure both the interior and exterior of their dream cars makes car shopping more exciting in so many ways.

Augmented reality has only started impacting the automotive industry, but it is doing it quite powerfully, and more and more auto makers and dealers are going to adopt it to stay competitive. AR is transforming car dealerships and, from all indications, will continue to improve and create the experience customers seek.

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