How it Works

Explore the inner workings of DataBeagle and discover its transformative capabilities.

DataBeagle revolutionizes the way organizations harness their data, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates data discovery, analysis, and security. Learn how DataBeagle’s workflow, and security features empowers you to uncover insights, streamline processes, and safeguard your most valuable asset — your data.

Designed to handle diverse data sources with efficiency and scalability.

DataBeagle’s architecture is adaptable, seamlessly integrating diverse data sources like HCP, AZURE cloud, AWS S3, and NAS/CIFS. Supporting PDFs, text, images, audio, video, and emails, it ensures comprehensive data coverage. Leveraging Hitachi HCI and Solr indexing, DataBeagle delivers exceptional performance and scalability. Its AI-driven services enable tasks such as image search, speech-to-text, file conversion, and classification, facilitating thorough analysis and informed decision-making.

Effortlessly streamline your data journey with DataBeagle's intuitive user interface, empowering collaboration and informed decision-making.

DataBeagle simplifies data discovery, analysis, and export with intuitive navigation and machine learning-driven cataloging. Dashboards offer visibility into data lineage and usage, aiding decision-making. Advanced analytics tools uncover insights, while collaboration features foster stakeholder engagement. DataBeagle facilitates seamless data export in multiple formats, promoting workflow continuity and value extraction from data assets, with minimal manual effort.

Safeguard your data with DataBeagle's advanced security architecture, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and compliance at every step.

DataBeagle ensures robust data protection through industry-standard encryption, granular access controls, and multi-factor authentication. Real-time monitoring and audit logs enhance security transparency and compliance. Seamlessly integrated with single sign-on solutions, it fortifies user identity management. With comprehensive surveillance and compliance reporting, DataBeagle maintains data security while empowering users to leverage their data assets confidently.