An American multinational e-commerce corporation needed to allow its legal team to search their data archives for credit card numbers/type.


An American multinational e-commerce corporation faced challenges with their legal team’s search for sensitive data, including credit card numbers, personal identification numbers, and specific keywords. Additionally, compliance with GDPR requirements added complexity to their data management needs.


To address these challenges, the corporation implemented DataBeagle Early Case Assessment (ECA) module. This solution facilitated faster searches, file exports, and legal hold management for eDiscovery purposes. Users could search documents based on various criteria such as credit card type, personal identification number, country, date, keyword, and custodian.


The implementation of DataBeagle streamlined the search and discovery process, reducing reliance on third-party legal services and IT teams. It enabled quicker and more efficient searches for sensitive data, leading to enhanced compliance efforts and reduced costs associated with legal matters. Additionally, it empowered data scientists and legal teams to perform necessary monitoring and legal reviews to safeguard corporate assets.

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