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Introducing Connected Mobile Control Solutions

Audax Labs developed an advanced “connected RV” solution for a prominent North American RV manufacturer. This solution allows users to control their RVs through mobile devices, offering features like RV charging status, health monitoring, and roadside assistance. The outcome includes enhanced customer experience, cost and time savings, improved safety, predictive maintenance, and increased adoption due to innovative technology.  


A leading manufacturer and provider of RVs in North America is committed to offering innovative experiences to its customers. To fulfill this vision, the RV maker aims to provide an immersive user experience for buyers of its latest RV model, enabling them to control their vehicles conveniently through mobile devices.


Audax Labs developed a cutting-edge “connected RV” solution for the client, available on both iOS and Android platforms and powered by cloud technology. This solution offers a range of features including RV charging status and charge-time management, health and diagnostics monitoring, RV locator and roadside assistance, privacy mode and HVAC control, RV range calculator, valet mode, and nearest gas station locator.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Users enjoy seamless control and monitoring of their RVs, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Cost and Time Saving: Efficient management of RV functions leads to cost and time savings for both users and the manufacturer.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security Features: Advanced features such as privacy mode and predictive maintenance enhance safety and security.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Proactive monitoring allows for timely maintenance, minimizing unexpected breakdowns.
  • Better Adoption due to New Technology: The incorporation of innovative technology encourages greater adoption and acceptance among users, driving market penetration and customer satisfaction.

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