Enhancing User Experience for Automotive
Manufacturer with Augmented Reality

Audax Labs developed an AR solution using Unity, Vuforia, and native iOS for a US-based automotive manufacturer, enabling bike owners to access paperless user manuals integrated into their mobile app, enhancing user experience, saving costs and time, and allowing seamless updates. 


A leading automotive manufacturer in the US sought to revolutionize the user manual experience for their bike owners by transitioning from traditional paper-based manuals to interactive Augmented Reality (AR) manuals. With the aim of enhancing user engagement and accessibility, the manufacturer sought a solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing bike connect mobile app.


Audax Labs, leveraging its expertise in digital solutions, crafted a tailored solution for electric motorbikes using cutting-edge technologies including Unity, Vuforia, and native iOS development. The solution involved the creation of an intuitive mobile application integrated with the existing bike connect app. This application enabled users to scan specific components of the bike using their mobile devices, triggering AR renderings of instructional videos and animations relevant to the scanned component.


  • Paperless User Manual: By transitioning to AR-based manuals, the manufacturer eliminated the need for traditional paper manuals, reducing environmental impact and enhancing sustainability.
  • Cost and Time Savings: The digital AR manuals significantly reduced printing and distribution costs associated with traditional manuals, while also saving users’ time by providing instant access to relevant information.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The interactive nature of AR manuals provided users with a more engaging and immersive experience compared to static paper manuals, leading to improved user satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Seamless Updates: With digital AR manuals, the manufacturer could easily push updates and revisions to users in real-time, ensuring that users always had access to the latest information and instructions.

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