DataBeagle by Audax Labs: The Solution for Real-Time Employee Communication Monitoring

A major Dutch banking and financial services company was facing a growing challenge in monitoring employee communications for potential legal or commercial issues. With a vast amount of electronic communications, including emails, documents, text messages, chat messages, and phone calls, the company needed a robust solution to effectively monitor all of their brokers’ communications.

The company was struggling with a cumbersome search and discovery process for regulatory reporting, and IT teams were spending an excessive amount of time performing data searches for inquiries. Additionally, the company was facing rising costs associated with data forensics consulting.

Enter DataBeagle

To address these challenges, the company partnered with Audax Labs and implemented DataBeagle, a powerful enterprise content management (ECM) solution. DataBeagle was able to ingest, index, analyze, and catalog the company’s vast employee communication data sets, allowing them to perform the necessary monitoring and legal review to protect corporate assets.

  • Ingestion
  • Indexing
  • Analysis
  • Cataloging
  • Monitoring
  • Legal review

Meeting Compliance and Streamlining Processes

As a result of this implementation, the company was able to significantly reduce search times from 2 weeks to mere minutes. This resulted in a significant reduction in the company’s reliance on data forensic consultancy, saving millions of dollars.

  • Reduced search times from 2 weeks to minutes
  • Saved millions of dollars by reducing reliance on data forensic consultancy
  • Removed IT teams from the search process
  • Technology foundation meets reporting requirements and offers new data services
  • Streamlined internal processes and reduced costs.

Additionally, IT teams were removed from the search process, and the technology foundation met all reporting requirements and provided new data services. Overall, DataBeagle helped the company meet their compliance and regulatory needs while also streamlining their internal processes and reducing costs.


DataBeagle by Audax Labs proved to be a valuable solution for the Dutch banking and financial services company. The ECM system’s ability to process and monitor employee communications in real-time helped the company to improve their regulatory compliance, without adding additional burden to the IT teams. The system’s data cataloging feature also provided the company with a historical record of employee communications, which helped in the event of any legal inquiry. This not only helped the company meet their compliance and regulatory needs but also resulted in significant cost savings.

Furthermore, the implementation of DataBeagle also resulted in a number of additional benefits for the company. The system’s real-time monitoring feature helped the company to identify and act on any potential legal or commercial issues as they arose. Additionally, the system’s data analysis features also helped the company to identify any patterns or trends in employee communications that could potentially be used to improve their internal processes.

Overall, DataBeagle proved to be a valuable asset to the company, allowing them to meet their compliance and regulatory needs while also providing a foundation for new data services and streamlining internal processes. It allowed them to focus on their core business activities with the peace of mind that their employee communications were being effectively monitored and reviewed. DataBeagle is a must-have for any financial institution that wants to keep their compliance and regulatory needs in check while keeping their internal processes streamlined and efficient.

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