Rabobank: Data Risk and Monitoring


  • Cumbersome search & discovery process for Regulatory reporting
  • IT Burden to perform data search for inquiries
  • Growing data forensics consulting fees

AudaxLabs developed an iOS based app that interacts with Lumada IoT platform to generate and display AR overlay reports, accurate job time, ink level, viscosity, and predictive maintenance etc.


ECM was implemented to monitor employee communications and reduce time to discovery of data & regulatory reporting.

The data sets for employee communications must be ingested, indexed, analyzed, and cataloged for businesses to perform the necessary monitoring & legal review to protect corporate assets.


  • Search times reduced from 2 weeks to minutes
  • Reduced reliance on data forensic consultancy (saving millions of $$)
  • IT Teams removed from the search process
  • Technology foundation meets reporting requirements and offers new data services

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