The Automotive industry is in the midst of a major transformation. Vehicles today have more technology than they have ever had ever before. The demand for product personalization continues to rise. On top of this, automakers must maintain strict quality standards and reduce operating costs.

At Audax Labs, we combine decades of domain expertise in Automotive engineering with next-generation Digital technology solutions including IoT, AR, VR and Cloud.

Our specialized offerings in the Automotive space include solutions for Connected Cars, Supply Chain flows and Process Automation for enhanced service levels across verticals like planning and forecasting, sourcing and procurement, and after-sales services.


Learn how we help businesses in the automotive manufacturing industry by enabling them to improve and enhance the manufacturing, design and sales process.

The automotive industry is seeing increasing adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, with most brands adopting AR and VR to improve different aspects of their business—from design and manufacturing to aftersales service delivery.

With augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, automotive companies can:

  • Enhance internal processes such as design and prototyping, assembly, quality assurance and maintenance
  • Enhance the sales process at dealerships
  • Improve the aftersales delivery and maintenance process
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Improve competitive advantage and create brand value
From the buyers’ perspective, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies helps them to:
  • Try car models in life-size AR on their driveway
  • Customize cars in dealerships to see different variants, colors and finishes
  • Self-service their car, assisted by a virtual technician
Audax Labs is working with automotive companies, helping them to adopt AR, VR and 3D technologies to improve their operational, sales and services processes.

Augmented Reality in Automotive Sector

How Augmented Reality is driving the Automotive industry into the future.

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